I’m Tom Fiddaman. I build and use mathematical models for a living. I’m interested in dynamic modeling methods and software, particularly applications in climate and energy policy. I’ve worked on a wide range of topics in public policy and business strategy, including beverage sales, B2B emarkets, hedge funds, pharmaceuticals, pork and dairy commodity cycles, fisheries, and large project management. My pipeline of recent, current or proposed work includes,

  • STEM workforce, research portfolio evaluation, and science of science policy for DOE
  • greenhouse gas policy in California, including the LCFS and AB32, sponsored in part by a petroleum industry association
  • a strategic model of the Chinese electric power system for NETL

In my spare time, I maintain BCPOA.net, web site of the Bridger Canyon Property Owners’ Association, of which I am also a director. Recently we brought an inappropriate ski area development to a standstill, though we’ve only won the first battle. I’m interested in the use of GIS and Web 2.0 technologies for improving decision making and electronic democracy around land use.

See the Feeding Frenzy page for some resources I maintain.

Editorial Policy

I will…

Edit pages like this (not posts) as needed, without noting changes.

Make minor corrections to posts within 15min. of posting, without necessarily noting them.

Correct typos (e.g., spelling) that don’t alter the meaning of a post, without necessarily noting them.

Add updates and links to later work, clearly identified.

Make every effort to verify sources and data quality.

Disclose conflicts of interest.

I won’t…

Change or correct the content or meaning of a post without clear indication (e.g., overstrike).

Use others’ material without attribution.

Disclose private information.

Post for pay or other consideration.


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